•  The iGame Ultra super-experimental equipment is coming, and the steam wave outer armor and super-batch practical materials have become the handy tools of the game hipsters.
  •  As the most “people-friendly” model of iGame’s future technology family, the Ultra series of graphics cards will transcend the art form changes after “cyber”, bid farewell to dullness, and play with personality.
  •  Use iGame Center to play faith LOGO RGB, presenting the new equipment of the new era of game hipsters.
  •  The new NVIDIA Ampere architecture chip, the number of 8704CUDA stream processors.
  •  Using the current fastest GDDR6X new type 10GB video memory, the computing performance is 4 times higher than the previous generation.
  •  The second-generation core of RTX real-time ray tracing, with three indicators twice surpassed, with DLSS 2.0 technology to achieve an extraordinary experience of 4K 60FPS playing 3A masterpiece games.
  •  The reflow soldering technology perfectly integrates the heat dissipation fins and the heat pipe, presenting a seamless process, and the heat dissipation area is increased by 13W square millimeters compared with the previous generation, and the heat conduction efficiency is improved.
  •  “Windcatcher” newly researched and developed fixed-rotating fan blades, intelligent temperature control is the foundation of calm life.
  •  With stronger computing power, better energy consumption ratio, and the accompanying AI creative acceleration, industry users such as anchors and designers can get a multiplier work experience with half the effort.